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“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”



“Writing is finally about one thing:

going into a room alone and doing it. Putting words on

paper that have never been there in quite

that way before.”


- William Goldman



 “Princess Bride”



Adventures in the Screen Trade



Saturday / FEBRUARY 29, 2020 / 10am – 2pm


The Screenwriting Sessions


“Once upon a time…”

-- Faery Tale


“In a galaxy far, far away…”

-- Starwars


“In the beginning was the Word…”

-- Gospel of John



This half-day Screenwriting Workshop invites both aspiring and professional screenwriters to hear WGA member and produced screenwriter/producer, BRET MCKINNEY (Music Within, Fissure, Safe Guys, Soulmates), discuss the nature of storytelling for the screen from an insider’s point of view. He’ll share the real process of developing YOUR ideas from script-to-screen when you’re outside the industry and discuss the challenges you’ll likely face as you navigate the myriad business channels necessary to sell and/or produce your screenplay.


With over 30 years in the industry, Bret's experience offers invaluable insight necessary to establish a lifelong career in the motion picture, television and streaming industries. There are no guarantees in this business, yet there are endless ways to get in and succeed – It all begins with the proper arrangement of the alphabet shaped into a marketable, well-developed and executed screenplay… If it was easy, every film school student and movie audience member could do it… You can’t build a rocket just because you read books on rocketry, or watched a billion rocket launches. It takes instruction and interaction with professionals who've studied the processes involved and experienced the realities of working professionally in the entertainment industry. Bret looks forward to sharing his experiences and insights with you and hearing yours as well!




“Words are the wardrobes of our thoughts…

How you dress, arrange & accessorize them will either

get you into or, kicked out of the party…”


– BCMK1231




The FADE IN: The Screenplay Sessions (FITSS) Workshop introduces aspiring and seasoned screenwriters to a wider and deeper scope of writing for the screen. Screenwriting is more than knowing how to properly format a screenplay or, creating a sellable screenplay. Creating and selling a compelling screenplay requires an understanding of the nature of words, their rhetorical values and the way your screenplay is perceived by ‘gatekeepers’, producers, actors, agents, managers,; ultimately the audience.  This approach to screenwriting and writing for the screen requires a developed sense of human perception and your ability synthesize your own observations and experience into a screen story.  We’ll focus on the worldview of your story, your characters, dialogue, and the screenplay elements as well as the  industry processes that bring your screenplay into screen reality.   Read More / Register NOW




If you’ve attended our FI:TSS workshop, then you’re aware of the necessity of the instruction provided. However, if you’re just starting out or, a seasoned professional screenwriter, and feel you would benefit more by a 1-on-1 experience, my post-holiday schedule (beginning Jan 2020) will allow me to be available for individual instruction of the FADE IN: The Screenplay Sessions elements. Also, if you’re seeking guidance on or analysis of a screenplay or series you’ve developed, I’ll be available to offer insight and encouragement regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your project; whether you’re staring at a blank page or you’ve completed numerous drafts. I’m offering you personal consulting and development services that I use when creating new spec projects or working on paid assignments.  I look forward to spending time helping you structure and shape your idea or concept into words on the page and ultimately INK on the SCREEN.

About the Instructor


Bret McKinney – 25+ year, Professional Screenwriter (Music Within, Safe Guys, Dying to Meet You), Member of the Writers Guild of America (WGAw), Associate Producer (Fissure) and Published Author (‘Virtual World of HDTV’, Virtual Reality: Theory, Practice, Promise). Co-Screenwriter of MGM studio-released motion picture, MUSIC WITHIN, starring Ron Livingston (Office Space, Dinner for Schmucks), Melissa George (30 Days of Night, Lie to Me), & Michael Sheen (Underworld, Good Omens); which opened the American Film Institute’s (AFI) Dallas inaugural international film festival and won the Audience Award. Co-screenwriter of “Safe Guys” & “Dying to Meet You”; both of which were ‘hip-pocketed’ by Creative Artists Agency (CAA).  Associate Producer of several small, independent projects (Fissure, 2br02b – Indi-film projects), television & web-series pilot projects (Flipside, Outbound). Formerly, an emerging digital media and production software company CEO, as well as a consultant to production and non-broadcast entities throughout the U.S. and overseas. Formerly associate member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE). College campus and University guest lecturer (Baylor and University of Texas graduate programs). HDTV systems and emerging digital technology panelist and round-table member (National Broadcaster of America – NAB, Computers in Libraries, Virtual Reality Conference). ‘Script Doc’ and production consultant on several other screenplays and television projects currently in development for production, as well as, submission.

MUSIC WITHIN”, the feature film I co-wrote and released by MGM/UA Studio,


Ron Livingston (Office Space, Dinner for Schmucks, Loudermilk),

Michael Sheen (Underworld, Blood Diamond, Good Omens),

Melissa George (In Treatment, 30 Days of Night, Lie to Me)

Hector Elizondo (Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries, Chicago Hope)


Rebecca De Mornay (Risky Business, Trip to Bountiful, John from Cincinnati),

 is now available on:

I-TUNES / VUDU / GooglePlay / Amazon

About ScreenINK



ScreenINK will give you the reality of what it takes to

                   cultivate and sustain a viable entertainment

                   industry career

ScreenINK offers you one-on-one screenwriting and/or

                   production project consulting from idea to


ScreenINK will provide you with several proven

                   approaches to enter the professional

                   screenwriting market

ScreenINK is a series of screenwriting sessions and

                    production seminars taught by a 25+ year

                    entertainment industry professional


ScreenINK is designed to clarify and guide you through

                    the process of creating a professional,

                    producible screenplay


ScreenINK will certainly expand your creative

                    understanding and inspire your

                    screenwriting endeavors




The FADE IN: The Screenplay Sessions (FI:TSS) workshop introduces aspiring and seasoned screenwriters to a wider and deeper scope of writing for the screen. Screenwriting is more than knowing how to properly structure, plot & format a screenplay or, write a sellable feature film, or episodic serial. This workshop offers insight and perspectives that will expand your knowledge of the screen arts and help you, I believe, pursue your creative and professional ambitions confidently.  After attending “The Screenwriting Sessions”, you’ll have an improved ability and understanding how to create screenplays and navigate the expanding opportunities and increasing demand for  screen content throughout the global markets. Increasing your knowledge of ‘how to’, ‘when to’, ‘with whom’ and ‘where to’ from here ensures a greater confidence while pursuing your alphabet adventures & motivate you to succeed as an accomplished, marketable screenwriter.



So, what's this 4 Hour Workshop all about?


​Words & Their Spaces

Creating and selling a compelling screenplay requires an understanding of the nature of words, their rhetorical values, their placement and purpose on a blank page. You must understand “which words, where” and know your determination of those choices will – for any number of reasons – determine the way your screenplay is perceived by ‘gatekeepers’, producers, actors, agents, managers,; ultimately, by the audience viewing your produced story for the screen.


Screenwriter as Psychologist

Writing an audience-worthy [sellable] screenplay requires screenwriters to have a developed sense of human perception, motivation and behavior. And, while you may feel your own experiences or personal observations stand as an example to the behavior of your characters, there is a necessary ‘break’ from your ‘reality’ that must take place so that the perceptions and behavior (i.e) motives and choices of your characters bear out in a believable outcome – even if the suspension of belief is required. (Think about/read any of screenwriter, Charlie Kaufman’s screenplays…)


More than Words

You must have a grasp of not mere human experience, [or just great ‘ideas/concepts’] but an understanding of how the production process is determined and guided to fruition by your ability to synthesize your story concept and characters with the reality of production. Ultimately, the story – whether it’s your own ‘life’ story, an adaptation of another’s work, or an original, speculative [spec] script, or episodic serial – must be constructed freely throughout one’s imagination while remaining within the constraints of screenwriting formats and exhibition venues long established in the storytelling environment. After all, tens to hundreds of creative and technical members of a production work from a foundation and vision set-forth in your screenplay.


Ink to Screen

We’ll focus on the worldview of your story, intimacies of your characters, dialogue, and all the screenplay elements, along with various screenwriting models and industry stages that bring your screenplay into screen reality. Whether it’s ‘ink’ from an inkwell, ballpoint or fountain pen by your own hand, or an inkjet or laser printer, it’s your ideas, thoughts, WORDS, sweat and tears ultimately creating ScreenINK.



“The Screenwriting Sessions”:


  • Session 1  / General Storytelling

  • Session 2 / Storytelling for the Screen

  • Session 3 / Screenplay Elements & Models

  • Session 4 / Getting Representation

  • Session 5 / Selling the Screenplay

  • Session 6 / Screenwriting as a Career

  • Session 7 / Working as a Hyphenate (i.e.) Writer/Director/etc.

  • Session 8 / The Industry

  • Session 9 / Technology & Tools & Resources

  • Session 10 / Nuance and Necessities

  • BONUS Session / The Motion Picture/Television Process


What to Bring:   Pen & Big Chief Tablet or laptop/tablets

Notice of Broadcast:     Attendance gives ScreenINK consent to use your likeness on ScreenINK's website (& elsewhere) for promotion, instruction, etc.













ScreenINK's Workshop Hosted



WHEN:                 Saturday – February 29, 2020

                             10am – 2pm


WHERE:              Theatre of North Texas

                             545 North Nolan Dr.  Ste #250

                             Southlake, TX


COST:                $129 – PP/MC/VISA/AMX/DISC



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